10 Reasons To Subscribe To A Book Box

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To A Book Box

In an increasingly digital, online world, there's a simple pleasure that comes from taking time out to pop the kettle on, get comfy and settle down with a new book. But as busy as we are, running between work, home, family and friends, allowing ourselves that essential time out is easier said than done.

A monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly book box can help overcome some of those challenges. Here's why:

1. We all need a little self-care

Reading is a common way to relax for many of us - there's just something so liberating about leaving your cares behind and escaping into another world for a while.

But when life gets busy, sometimes we forget to prioritise the things that make us happy. We stop taking time out to recharge the batteries. By subscribing to a book box, you're consciously granting yourself permission to take time out for yourself, as well as giving yourself the tools to do so.

2. It's convenient and helps you budget better

A good rummage around a bookshop is fun but if you're working all week, time off is usually spent catching up with loved ones or tackling a never-ending list of chores.

Finding a convenient time to browse is hard and with increased travel costs and unreliable public transport, non-essential shopping trips are harder to justify these days. Plus you'll probably end up walking out with more books than you can afford to buy right now!

With a book subscription, you set yourself a budget on exactly how much you're spending on new books each month. You'll still enjoy must-read books from your favourite genre but free up more time for yourself, prevent impulse buys, be more in control of your spending and eliminate the need for those stressful journeys into town. 

3. It stops decision fatigue

Assuming you do manage to find a spare moment to hit the shops, where do you even start? There's so many new books to choose from!

Booksellers are great sources of recommendations but the more introverted amongst us will sometimes be uncomfortable striking up those conversations. With our book subscription service, you can be confident that every book is carefully chosen and personally recommended for you by us.

4. A way to break out of your comfort zone

When you subscribe you'll inevitably find yourself settling down with a book you might not have otherwise chosen. It's the best way to discover hidden gems and new authors - keeping your reading fresh and interesting, while diversifying your bookshelf and expanding your literary horizons.

5. You'll build better habits

The best habits are built through consistency. When you pick a delivery schedule that works for your lifestyle - monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly - you'll know exactly when your new book will arrive and can begin creating daily and weekly routines around that for reading and relaxation.

Maybe it's scheduling in an hour in your favourite cafe or an afternoon in your local park? Perhaps it's setting time aside for a long soak in the tub with your new book? Whatever floats your boat!

6. It's fun!

Who doesn't love getting a present in the post? It's a thoughtful gift to yourself - the anticipation of waiting for the postie to arrive, the thrill of unwrapping your latest box, knowing you have something to look forward to. Every delivery day will feel like your birthday!

7. Becoming part of a community

The online reading community is a welcoming and vibrant one, with book-lovers regularly sharing posts and updates about all their latest reads on social media. Love your most recent book so much you just have to tell someone? Share your thoughts and reviews online and connect with other like-minded readers. And be sure to tag us in too - we love a bookish chat!

8. Subscriptions aren't actually all that scary

Almost every household has some sort of subscription these days. Whether it's online streaming, a gym membership, phone apps, food deliveries, clothes or toilet roll, more and more people are embracing the convenience of getting the service they want, exactly when they want it. The important thing is to make sure you're always in control.

With our book subscriptions, you'll always know the book choice in advance so you can skip a box if you've already read it, plus you can change your subscription or cancel anytime by logging into your account or getting in touch - no questions asked!

9. Make another reader happy

Book subscriptions make great gifts for fellow book-lovers. Available in pre-paid blocks, it's a unique way to show just how much you care. Your favourite reader will enjoy the magic of a surprise new book box turning up on their doorstep month after month, making that special birthday or anniversary even more memorable.

10. You're supporting a small business

Yeah sure, you can probably get your books cheaper from a big smiley box company but with a book subscription from a small business such as ours, you know there's a real person on the other side of the website, probably doing a happy dance with every single order you place! 

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