About Us

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. We're absolutely thrilled to see you here! Get yourself comfy and settle down for a bit because this is that part of the website where we explain what we're all about.

A picture of a typewriter. The typewriter has a sheet of paper inserted and typed on the page are the words 'Once upon a time..'

The idea for Paperback Down was tumbling around in our heads for a good few years before we actually took the first step towards putting it into action. It was born out of our own experience of being book-lovers who were struggling to make time to read.

Life just gets busy. You're trying to balance work or college with friends and family. You spend your time off running around trying to get on top of all the mundane bores and chores of everyday life. It can get hard to take time just for yourself and we want to help with that by making it that little bit easier to relax, unwind and enjoy a bit of 'me-time'.

When you order from us, it'll feel like you're unwrapping a gift from your best friend - personal, unique, thoughtfully curated to make you feel special and the perfect inspiration for indulging in little bookish self-care!

So that's what we're all about really. Do come follow us online and have a chat - we'd love to get to know your story too!

talk soon, 

Paperback Down