February's Featured Books

Not sure which subscription box to choose? Here's a quick review of our three featured book choices for February to help you out. And remember all our subscription boxes can also be purchased as a one-time gift so you can try it before you commit or just pick up that book you really want to treat yourself to!

Local Voices: She and I, by Hannah King

What’s the craic?

Best friends do everything together. Is murder any different? 

Keeley and Jude are closer than blood. They share everything: clothes, secrets, drinks - and blame. So when they wake up after a New Year's party in their small Northern Irish town to find Keeley's boyfriend stabbed to death beside them, they agree to share one more thing: the story they'll tell the police. But who is their story really meant to protect?

Paperback Down says…

This debut novel from County Down author Hannah King isn’t your typical whodunnit murder mystery - it’s also about obsessive friendship, class division and defying the expectations that come with growing up in a small town where everyone knows your family and everyone thinks they know what you’re capable of. With engaging and complex characters, this is a gripping psychological thriller that will have you hooked right up to the last chapter!

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: The Kaiju Preservation Society, by John Scalzi

What’s the craic?

Jamie’s dream was to hit the big time at a tech start-up. Jamie’s reality is a humiliating lay-off, then a low-wage job delivering takeout. Things look beyond grim, until a chance delivery to an old acquaintance. Tom has a vacancy on this team: the pay is great and Jamie has debts. It’s an easy choice to make.

But Tom’s animal rights organisation is way more than it seems. In an alternative dimension, massive dinosaur-like creatures roam a tropical world - but they need support to survive. And the Kaiju Preservation Society wants to help. However, others want to profit. Unless they’re stopped the walls between worlds could fall and millions could die.

Paperback Down says…

Witty, smart and filled with genuine laugh-out-loud moments! If you don’t normally read sci-fi or fantasy, you’ll love this. If you do love to read SFF, you’ll love this. Basically, you're just going to love this. It’s sheer nerdy escapism with great characters, pacy story-telling and epic one-liners.

Bucket List Books: Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury

What’s the craic?

A terrifying and prophetic novel of a post-literate future…

Guy Montag is a fireman. His job is to destroy the most illegal of commodities, the source of all discord and unhappiness: the printed book. Montag never questions the destruction or his own bland life, until he is shown a past where people didn’t live in fear and a present where one sees the world through ideas. Montag starts hiding books in his home. Soon they’ll make him run for his life.

Paperback Down says..

Originally published in 1953, against the backdrop of McCarthyism, this thought-provoking and iconic book still retains its relevance today. With themes around censorship, conformity and mass media consumption, it's an essential classic read. One to tick off your bucket list!

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