5 Tips For Making the Most of Your Summer Reading!

Want to know how to get the most out of your summer reading? With our top 5 tips for unwinding with a good book, even when the temperature soars, you'll be able to relax, read and enjoy a little bookish downtime all summer long!

1. Pick the right book

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Just because reading War and Peace is on your to-do-list this year, doesn't mean now is the best time to get stuck in! If it's easier to concentrate on shorter reads when you're hot and bothered, or books you just can't put down, then that's just fine - just read what makes you happy!

We're loving Mrs Hart's Marriage Bureau by Sheena Wilkinson this summer - it's a charming and witty read with great characters and pacy story-telling. Alternatively, a re-read of a well-loved favourite book might be just what you need! 

2. Location, Location, Location!

A picture of a picnic blanket on a beach. Sitting on the blanket is an open book, a plate of grapes, some sunglasses and a camera.

OK so your normal reading habitat is curled up on the sofa with a cosy blanket, but if you're in the UK or Ireland there'll be few enough days where the weather is good enough for outside reading!

Pack a picnic and head to your local beach or park, or find a cafe nearby with outside tables and delicious iced lattes! But if you're short on time, just pick a shady spot in your garden, pour yourself something cold and refreshing and chill out for a bit! 

3. Slap on the sunscreen!

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As the song says, wear sunscreen! And moisturise. We're not accustomed to this sort of weather round these parts and there's nothing kills the vibe of a great afternoon of bookish downtime than realising you're burnt to a crisp after forgetting the factor 50! 

4. Remember to hydrate

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Did you know that your ability to concentration drops when you're dehydrated? And that, my dear friends, means you'll won't get the same enjoyment from your reading time.

Keep a tall glass of something cold and refreshing handy (check out our Maple Iced Latte recipe or make a big pitcher of iced tea!). Fruit and veg with high water contents are also a great way to stay hydrated - think melon, peaches, pineapple, tomato or cucumber!

5. Reach out

a image of a groups of friends clinking glasses which are filled with summery looking drinks

Summer is a great time to connect with other readers. Look out for book festivals or author events in your local area, arrange a summer book-swap with your bookish friends, or throw a literary-themed garden party!

Plenty of time for hibernation once the weather turns again (which will be within 2 minutes hitting publish on this post!)

Need some summer reading inspiration?

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