What is the difference between a subscription box and a one-off gift box?

With a subscription, you’ll receive a regular recurring delivery of your chosen box.  You'll get a different book and selection of products each time, allowing you to discover a range of writers and makers. 

One-off boxes are just that - a single one-off purchase of a specific book box. 

Can I choose my book? 

We offer curated book boxes themed around specific books read, loved and selected by us. In some boxes, you’ll know what book you’re getting in advance, in others you pick the genre and we’ll send a book within that genre. 

We can also arrange bespoke one-off gift boxes for special occasions and events so if there’s a particular book you have in mind, just get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

Where do you ship to?

You'll find information on where we ship to, as well as current rates, here:- Shipping & Delivery

When will I receive my order?

One-off gift boxes are usually shipped within 2-3 working days. 

Subscription boxes, whether recurring or bought as a one-time purchase, are shipped between the 10th and 15th of each month (or next working day). Your first box may arrive sooner depending on what date of the month you order - check out Subscription FAQs and product pages for more details on each subscription option.

Pre-paid gift subscriptions are shipped within 2-3 working days and thereafter on the monthly anniversary of your purchase.

What’s your refund and returns policy?

We hope that you love your items as much as we do so drop us a line at hello@paperbackdown.com if you’d like to discuss your order. You can also view our Refund Policy for more information.

Can I buy a box or subscription as a gift?

Yes absolutely! We can’t think of any better gift than a box of books and treats arriving through the door.

We offer pre-paid gift subscriptions and one-off boxes can also be purchased as gifts.

If you’d like the gift to be sent directly to your chosen recipient, just fill in their shipping details when you checkout and add details of any personalised message you'd like to include - we'll then add a gift card with a handwritten message from you in their first box.


Is there cut-off date for subscribing?

For rolling subscriptions:

We advise subscribing before 7th to be sure of receiving that month's featured books.

The cut-off date for subscribing is the 25th of the month (or while stocks last).

Order after the 25th and your first box will be shipped on the 10th of the following month.

This is because we have limited numbers of each box available and place orders with our suppliers in advance. If sold out, this will be shown on the relevant page.

Get in touch if you'd like to confirm which box you'll receive.

For Pre-Paid Gift Subscriptions:

There are no cut-off dates for pre-paid subscriptions.

Can I choose how frequently I receive my subscription box?

Yes, with have two options available for you.

Our Bookish Treat option is available either monthly (charged and delivered once a month) or bi-monthly (charged and delivered once every two months).

Our Book Isle Box option is available bi-monthly.

How do I pay for my subscription?

Recurring or pre-paid gift options are available - just choose which one you prefer and it’ll be set up automatically for you when you check-out. 

When do I pay for and receive my recurring subscription box?

Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly plans are available. 

Subscribe between the 1st and the 7th: You’ll be charged immediately and your first box shipped on the 10th (or next working day). 

Subscribe between the 8th and the 25th: You’ll be charged immediately and your first box shipped within 2-3 working days, unless already sold out. This might mean that your first two boxes and payments are in close succession until you settle into your normal shipping and payment schedule.

Subscribe after the 25th: You'll be charged immediately and your next box will be shipping on the 10th of the following month.

If sold out, this will be indicated on the relevant page, along with next shipping dates.

Subsequent payments are charged automatically on the 7th of your scheduled delivery month using the information provided at checkout and your box shipped on the 10th.

When do I receive my pre-paid gift subscription?

With pre-paid subscriptions:
  • Your full payment will be charged at check-out.
  • Gift subscription boxes are shipped within 2-3 working days and thereafter each month on the anniversary of your order date.
  • Your first gift box might differ from the monthly featured box you'll see elsewhere on our website, our blog or on our social media. This is because we know our delivery schedule for recurring subscriptions may not align with your gifting needs and we want your lucky recipient to receive their first box as quickly as possible.
  • Get in touch if you'd prefer to know which book will be included with your first box.
  • Your subscription will end automatically once all boxes have been delivered.

How long is my subscription for?

Pre-paid subscriptions automatically end after you’ve received your last box. You can choose the length of your subscription when you purchase it.

Recurring subscriptions have no set end date but you can cancel anytime.

What books can I expect to receive?

Our aim is to help you discover books that you might not otherwise try and we select our books from a wide variety of authors and genres within the theme of your box. We usually prefer paperbacks - they’re light, portable and perfect for reading anywhere, anytime.

Will you tell me what book I’m getting in advance?

We reveal what's in each box on the 1st of each month on our social media pages so make sure you're following us if you want to know what's coming up!

Already read it? No problem. Get in touch before your box shipping date and we can swap it out for any other book currently in stock on our website. Alternatively you can log into your account and choose to skip a month.

I already have the book you’ve sent me this month.

This can happen as we’ve no way to know what’s already on your shelves. If it happens to you, we hope you’ll find pleasure in a great re-read or pass it along to another book-lover.

Make sure you're on our mailing list and following us online as we reveal each month's book on the 1st of each month. This is to give you time to get in touch to either switch out your book for any other book currently in stock on our website, or to log into your account to skip a month.

I need to make a change to my subscription

When you subscribe, you’ll be prompted to create an account with us. You can log-in to your account on our website to manage your subscription and update your personal details. Recurring subscribers will also see options for changing their subscription or skipping a month here.

Alternatively get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

How I cancel my subscription?

Pre-paid subscriptions will end automatically at the end of your subscription period.

Recurring subscriptions can be cancelled any time by logging into your account on our website. Just be sure to cancel before your next scheduled payment date (usually the 7th of the month) if you don't wish to receive that month's box.

But before you go, did you know it's possible to skip a month on your subscription? It's a great option if life is getting a bit too busy for you right now - just log in to your account and make the change from there or get in touch and we can guide you through it.