Image of an open book with an out of focus mug behind. Beside the book are the words 'It's time for a new chapter'

Welcome to our brand new website! We're so thrilled to see you here. You wouldn't believe the number of sleepless nights we've had imagining that we launch this website and then...crickets. But you're here so that's all right then. 

We first had the idea for Paperback Down a few years ago, originally imagining it as a lovely cosy shop bringing together books by local authors with gorgeous artisan crafts from local makers and yummy treats. But then Covid happened and the world changed.

More and more of us are doing a lot of our shopping online and so we started to think - what if there was a way to shop local, to support small makers and to discover interesting books all at the same time, but with all the convenience of online shopping? It doesn't have to be about funding billionaires in rocket ships just because it's online (though fun fact, when Mrs Paperback Down was very young, she wanted to be an astronaut so if it all goes well, well then who knows!). 

Anyway, here we are. We'd love to know what you think of our bookish gift boxes - we've had so much fun putting them together!

Come follow us online and share your thoughts - we do love a good chat! And you can sign up to our newsletter too for all the latest news on what's new and what's coming.   

talk soon, 

Paperback Down

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