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Classic Fiction Box: Anne of Green Gables

Classic Fiction Box: Anne of Green Gables

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"Her most serious shortcoming seemed to be a tendency to fall into daydreams in the middle of a task and forget all about it"

Relax and unwind with this thoughtfully curated gift box that's perfect for book-lovers, dreamers and kindred spirits alike.

What's in the box?

Something to read: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Discover the timeless charm of Anne Shirley in this heart-warming story of friendship and family. Follow the adventures of Anne, a spirited and imaginative orphan, as she brings warmth, laughter and a touch of mischief to the inhabitants of Avonlea. 

Something to enjoy: Dreams and Schemes List-Pad

Keep your dreams, aspirations and task lists in one place with this elegant list pad. Made in Belfast by Hunter Paper Co. and beautifully crafted on high-quality paper, this notepad is a must-have companion for organising all your thoughts and daydreams.

Something to relax with: The Call of The Pines Lip Balm

Be transported to Anne's beloved Avonlea woods with the fresh scent of woodland wanders. Made with organic shea butter and with notes of mint and cedar wood, this moisturising balm, by Literary Lip Balms, comes in a handy eco-friendly tin - perfect for popping in your pocket as you relax in your own woodland adventure. 

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Relax, read & enjoy

Pop the kettle on, kick off your shoes and treat yourself to a little bookish downtime with a thoughtfully curated gift box that's just perfect for you.